With over 20 years of experience Asem Group Companies have completed many residential and commercial developments.


We offer a range of services including holiday rentals, package holidays and daily excursions all around Turkey.


We provide the best currency exchange rates for any kind foreign currencies with multiple offices in Turkey and Cyprus.


With extensive knowledge and experience in real estate we also offer sales & marketing services through our offices .



Asem Group is a group of companies operating both in Turkey and Europe. The company directors have the experience and education of construction, tourism, sales & marketing, insurance, and aftersales for over 25 years being proud of serving for its clients.


One of the significant factors in a structure is economy. This is understood as structure’s value; in contrast, it means of your property’s value and the costs that will occure during your ownership. Briefly, these can be extra materials usage, maintenance, heating, isolation, water and electric save etc.. “ Asem Group, takes all of these costs through minimum levels for you!”


In Turkey, the importance of and building design has just been given importance to and it can not be said that there has been a lot of ways being tried for this. Asem Group never misses any detail to make its building the most beautiful one of the street.


Actually the answers of your questions are primarily in the hands of architect who designs your property. Building design is a significant detail which directly affects your life and habits. Once you enter your home or office, you are under the effect of the design. This can even effect your mood as well. The most convenient design is no doubt the one which helps you about your needs as being all-purpose.


Speed at building production needs technical accoutrement, perfect organisation and the power. Asem Group, as having all of these advantages completes the projects in a short time without and obtains the habitation without any defect.


As Asem Group, we follow the law for “Regulations About The Structures In Calamity Areas” We produce buildings which are not completed with the wrong structure techniques but applied through the scientific bases, with innovational techniques and durable against calamities. As Asem Group we are in a blief that “ No one has right to play with people’s life” and always act with this belief.


The places where you feel happier are the comfortable ones. “Asem Group gives you comfort” Having electric, tv, telephone sockets anywhere you need, even if needed, having 3 / 4 telephone lines, using the central satelite system without messing around with the wires etc...


In less than a year, we have managed to sell around 300 units of accommodation making us the fastest growing single construction company
on the Aegean Coast. ASEM is a member of a number of International organizations which unite those agents, developers and specialist consultants active in the international property markets which guarantees quality, service and trust.


Rising Blue Alanya Apartments

Date :Started 2013 - Finished 2015 City : Alanya Make your dreams come true at Rising Blue Alanya in the Turkish Riviera Read More
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1. To follow the international standards, never leaves its principals
2. Employees qualitious, insured workers
3. Obtains all of the certifications of positive construction from foundation to completion.
4. Takes any kind of prevention declared in the foundation tests.
5. Gets samples of concrete and gets it tested at construction lab.
6. Uses TSE (Turkish Standards Enstitute) approved materials.
7. Never concedes about the isolation system.
8. After the delivery of the property, never leaves its clients alone; but helps its clients at any time with its aftersales services.
9. Always produce the best building of the street!

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Who We Are?

ASEM group, a group of companies operating in Turkey and in Europe is a member of many national and international organizations, has business and work experience of 25 years in accordance with established standards of quality certificates

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